People already have their minds made up on abortion

The Viewpoints question presented on the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade is how can we have a respectful, productive dialogue?
I think the manner in which people talk about this subject is key but in the end it seems people have made up their mind and come to the issue to fight more than find new paths forward.

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Violence and the sacred

I find it interesting that there is even a question of the use of violence in context with the sacred.

In the last 250 years, we have seen people in our country interpret “sacred” text to give license to slavery, persecution of the Jews, Mormons, Native Americans, seemingly any religion that doesn’t hold to the local religious beliefs, the domination of women, and other acts of violence against groups that we have thought to have the need for a “stern hand of direction.”

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Abortion rights is a matter of opinion

There are legislatures that cannot pass budgets that adequately fund public education, health and welfare but have the time to debate laws that have been in effect for 40 years. We have crippling debt from war and we are one of the few, if not only, industrialized countries that still has the death penalty.

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Americans blame bad parenting, Hollywood for mass shootings over guns

Despite the best efforts of some in the so-called "mainstream media," a surprising new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll published this week says that more Americans blame bad parenting and Hollywood for mass shootings than they do guns.

Guns actually came in fifth place, behind parenting, effective treatment for mental health, media coverage of mass shootings and violence in movies and video games.

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