“We are all one”

One of my favorite pictures is of retired mixed martial artist Genki “The Neo Samurai” Sudo, holding a large banner with all of the flags in the world. At the center of the banner are the words “We Are All One.”

Whenever I see people, ordinary citizens and civil servants, rush to help people during a moment of tragedy, I think of Sudo’s words.

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The meaning of marriage evolves

The human consciousness evolves and so, therefore, do relationships.

The whole idea of marriage was to ensure that a couple, man and woman, could procreate and thereby extend the size and power of a particular tribe or even religion.

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Running toward the chaos

When I received word of the explosions that occurred at the finish line of the Boston Marathon today, I was very personally upset. Running a marathon takes months of training and extreme dedication. Even after all the training, crossing the finish line results in literal pain. And, to be completely honest, crossing the finish line means COMPLETE physical, mental, emotional and spiritual exhaustion. To complete a marathon feels like coming to the edge of death willingly.

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