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Rick Santorum’s secret army: home-schoolers

Strapped for cash and paid staff, Rick Santorum has enlisted a ragtag but politically potent army to keep his campaign afloat: home-schoolers. Heading into Super Tuesday (March 6), Santorum is urging home-schoolers to organize rallies, to post favorable features on social media and to ring doorbells on his behalf. “Santorum …

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Romney knows realities of poverty

The TV in my bathroom, there so I can be entertained during the boring tasks of hair drying and makeup application, is often set to CNN, where I currently watch the soap opera-like Days of Our Republican Presidential Candidate Hopefuls.This has led me to an observation about Mormon bishops, which …

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BRIEF: Romney wins WA

Mitt Romney has won the Washington state caucuses. It's his fourth win in a row. In a statement he said Washington voters, “…want a conservative businessman who understands the private sector and knows how to get the federal government out of the way so that the economy can once again …

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Paul hopes for a win in Washington

Ron Paul isn't winning in the primary states, but on Friday at the Spokane Convention Centerhe said he's cautiously optimistic he'll have success here in Washington. “I've always had support here,” he said. “We've have always had enthusiastic crowds.” Supporters, both republican and democrat, nearly filled the center to hear …

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VIDEO: Santorum rallies conservative Spokane voters

<p> SPOKANE VALLEY — Rick Santorum has a lot of people praying for him. More than 500 supporters filled New Life Assembly Church in Spokane Valley on Thursday to show the Republican candidate that they champion his Christian values.</p> <p> Read article <a href="/politics/election/santorum-rallies-conservative-spokane-voters">here</a>.</p>

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Eating meat can be good for the soul

One of the first questions people ask me about Buddhism, and one of the topics becoming more and more of an issue in the American psyche, is a question regarding diet. Are all Buddhists vegans? Are they vegetarians? Do you eat meat? Why? The answer is no, not all Buddhists are vegans or vegetarians.

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