Obama praises Boston for overcoming the ‘face of evil’

President Barack Obama praised Bostonians for their actions “in the face of evil” during an interfaith memorial service on Thursday (April 18) for victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.

“You’ve shown us, Boston, that in the face of evil, Americans will lift up what’s good. In the face of cruelty, we will choose compassion,” Obama said.

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POLL: Are you married?

This week our writers took a look at marriage and examined its definition.

Pastor Eric Blauer wrote, "Marriage is a sacred circle of death and resurrection, one that should be entered with fear and trembling as much as passionate intoxication and longing communion."

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News of suicide a reminder to speak out

It was with a heavy heart that I recently read about a young lady who chose suicide because of the behavior of others — including those that did not believe her and, therefore, did not prosecute those that violated her. More and more it seems we don’t recognize and honor the boundaries of others, be they male or female, and sometimes even go to the extent of causing verbal or bodily harm, adding further insult by later bragging about our actions.

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BRIEF: Whitworth affirms, expands Presbyterian partnerships

The Whitworth University Board of Trustees this month adopted a statement that affirms and expands Whitworth’s relationship with the Presbyterian Church and elevates the university’s theological identities, according to a press release.

The statement is the culmination of a yearlong inquiry a board-appointed Task Force on Denominational Relationships conducted in anticipation of the June 2013 expiration of the university’s current covenant agreement with the Synod of Alaska-Northwest and the concurrent cessation of the synod’s functions.

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Paramore’s emo music inspired by faith

What is “emo,” you ask? And who is Paramore? They are a pop punk band from Franklin, Tenn. Paramore is frontwoman and lead vocalist Heyley Williams, guitarist Taylor York and bassist Jeremy Davis. Heyley told NPR Weekend Edition Sunday “emo” stands for emotion.

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