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How to lose a girl in less than 10 words

I can lose a girl in less than 10 words. There are all kinds of possibilities. The classics are, “I watch football all day long,” or, “I still live with my mother.” Or there's my favorite, “I want to be a writer.” But those all take six words. I can do it in just four simple, harmless words. In her …

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A 2-year-old’s lesson in happiness

Here is a riddle. Ask most people what they want out of life and what do they answer? Happiness! It's common both in the amount of times you hear it and in how mundane the answer is, like some beauty pageant contestant claiming holding hands will bring universal utopia. We know behind her smile hides a person who would spite …

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Obama exempts religious groups from contraception mandate

Facing growing furor from religious groups, President Obama on Friday unveiled an “accommodation'' in which health insurance companies, rather than religious institutions, will provide employees with contraception coverage. The revised approach effectively removes all faith-based organizations — not just houses of worship but also hospitals and universities — from covering employees' contraception costs. “Every woman should be in control of …

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City buildings and churches

“A worship service is an act of organized religion that consecrates the place in which it is performed, making it a church” – Judge Pierre Leval I disagree with this judge's ruling and statement. As pastor of a church that currently meets in a city building, the East Central Community Center, in our neighborhood, I find the recent ruling in …

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Obama to exempt religious groups from contraception mandate

Facing growing backlash from religious groups over the administration's birth control insurance plan, President Obama on Friday will unveil a new arrangement whereby insurers at religiously affiliated institutions — such as Catholic hospitals and universities — will not have to provide contraception coverage. The new approach effectively removes faith-based organizations from any involvement in providing contraceptive coverage or even telling …

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What “The Mighty Macs” does (and doesn’t) say about Jesus, nuns, feminism and motherhood

By Contributor Laura Kipp In 1971, Cathy Rush, now in the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame, was ahead of her time as a woman, professional and athlete. The tiny, all-girls, Catholic college, now Immaculata University, was in near devastating financial straits and facing its demise. Despite this, and despite the fact that it was an era where women's sports were …

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