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Why do we even teach sex education in America?

As many Americans know, sex education has been a part of our children's schooling for years to much debate. Many state that abstinence-only education is the way to go, and even the Obama administration recently added their support to this argument.

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Enough already: When the mainstream media shames mothers

As though the American public was not already terribly polarized and reactive around subjects pertaining to women’s bodies, TIME magazine jumped in this week with a controversial cover: an image of a trim, blonde, good-looking mother nursing a toddler son, accompanied by the caption, “Are you mom enough?”

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Maurice Sendak’s Jewish legacy lives on along with the ‘Wild Things’

When the mind that first imagined the Wild Things disappeared for good last week, the children-turned-adults who adored Max and his wild rumpus with big-eyed monsters didn't just mourn the loss of Maurice Sendak; they also grieved for their own ever-fading childhoods.

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The end of science

This story goes back to Albert Einstein in 1905, called Einstein’s miracle year. In just that one single year, Einstein published four papers, any one of which would have made the career of any other scientist.

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