Response to Ask An Atheist: A Loving God?

So, IF the Bible is accurate and truthful about God existing and how He created the world, and IF He is perfect in all things, we can conclude that there wasn’t anything wrong with how or what he created. But there are huge problems in our world so how do we explain them?

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EWU Board Can Help Build New Culture of Trust, if They Listen, Says Faculty Member

Of course we aren’t all things to all people, but we are a collection of unique opportunities of growth and self-discovery for students who may be the first in their families to go to college, students with families of their own, those working full-time jobs, those looking for an affordable education close to home, the daughters and sons of working class families, those who may have no experience of the world outside of the Inland Northwest, and international students looking for a reasonably priced entry into American education.

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LGBTQ and Employment: One Important Step

Before June 15 employment discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity was partially prohibited in 25 states; now we know it is prohibited federally. But there are still questions left unanswered and we have to wait for further litigation to understand the full meaning of the Court’s decision.

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