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Shootings, Masculinity and Psalms

As a father and a teacher, each school shooting brings a visceral reaction.  I recognize the young, white, male perpetrators, filled with great pain, confusion, and isolation.

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New Understandings of the Lenten Season

Fasting is not a way to seem more spiritual than others, it is to be done in a spirit of humility and joy. Lent/ fasting should not be a duty, but rather a celebration of God’s goodness and mercy to his children.

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We can overcome the darkness

Evil was perpetrated in Florida in a heinous and senseless act. This isn't a political or policy debate. This isn't a left-right thing. This is a battle for the literal souls of humanity.

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Mueller’s Indictment and Our Role in Russian Interference

When I first saw the news, I felt a sense of vindication rising up in me. At last, the truth would be revealed, and justice would be served! Then I read the news articles and the full text of the indictment, and my stomach dropped. My sense of self-righteousness was replaced with a sense of embarrassment as I was convicted of my own contributions to the scandal.

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