Pagans and Christians, Siblings in Creation

Paganism and Christianity are defined in opposition. Pagans have been perceived as uncivilized people in need of conversion to the one true faith. Historians, however, have long recognized that Christianity contains within it many Pagan elements. One need not look any further than Christmas and Easter celebrations to see syncretism.

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‘Tis the (Fan) Season

In my world there are five seasons: Fall, winter, spring, summer, and football. And when it comes to college football, I am a one-team fan. No surprise to those who know me, that team would be the University of Oregon Ducks.

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Ask A Baha’i: Manifestations of God

Baha’is regard them as “Manifestations of God.” Each Manifestation ushers in a new “dispensation” of religious teachings destined to guide humankind for many centuries. When circumstances warrant, a new Manifestation appears, reiterates God’s unchanging laws, and brings in new laws commensurate with humankind’s ability to implement those laws.

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