We’ve seen “power-hungry warmongers” before

We all know that ruthless, power-hungry warmongers are not strangers to the human race. This has been repeatedly illustrated throughout history, in the persons of Ghengis Khan, Adolf Hitler, and Joseph Stalin – to name just a few. But my present concern, in light of recent world events, is how many of these tyrants were religious hypocrites who feigned devotion to the religions of their times.

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‘Cancel Culture’ isn’t new, but it’s still dangerous

Now, I’m all for refusing to waste my time arguing against someone’s egregious conduct, especially if that person has no intention of taking a look at it or listening to reason. But the problems with advocating such a full-fledged “cancellation” of another human being are ultimately more serious than those which arise from that person’s unacceptable behavior in the first place.

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