On Friends and Friendship

Most of us have a few, maybe a handful, of best friends who go back to our beginnings. We share common history, of course, and that is part of the friend dynamic. But there often are long gaps in those shared experiences. I have not seen some of my best friends in several years and we communicate by phone or email or social media infrequently.

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The Spokane Heat Wave: A wave of helping others

Let’s be honest. It has been hot out — pretty unbearable, in my opinion. Summer started with a massive heat wave in not only Spokane, but the Pacific Northwest. What I did not expect, however, was this wave of kindness I’ve been seeing in the Spokane community.

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A drought of our spirits

I believe we’re also wallowing in a cultural drought our country hasn’t seen in many decades. ​The drought shows itself in the aridness of social imagination and distorting selfishness that has settled in our souls.

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