Spring Renewal: A View from the Porch

Maybe because I am getting older, the winters seem to stretch out as I wait for warmer temperatures and the green of leaves and grass. And somewhere in the back of my mind is the knowledge I have far fewer springs ahead of me than behind. Still, we now have our spring. And with the return of a warm sun and soft breezes, I have returned to my porch.

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Misconceptions on Falun Gong and Shen Yun

Falun gong misconceptions

A non-profit based in New York, Shen Yun is the world’s premier classical Chinese dance and music company. Its mission is to revive the divinely-inspired traditional Chinese culture, arts and values, which have been largely destroyed under the communist rule. 

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On Being A Mother: Who Knew?

mothers day

Most mothers hope to influence their children in ways that reflect their values, ethics, beliefs, hopes and dreams. But how does being a mother influence the mother’s values, ethics, beliefs, hopes and dreams? 

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