Book reveals the story and faith of Jimmy Carter

By Bill Williams Former President Jimmy Carter has written 30 books on a variety of subjects. This latest volume, “Faith: A Journey For All,” offers a readable overview of his beliefs and opinions about religion and other topics. Like many people, Carter struggles with questions of faith. He acknowledges “periods …

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Look Up

In Judaism, it’s never only about the text. Yes the Torah contains much of our rules and laws, but, in practice, our sages have expanded those rules beyond the few written words. Torah gives us the foundation.

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What the Bible really says about immigration

Our president has called Mexican immigrants animals, rapists and criminals and says illegal immigration at our southern border is a “crisis” that’s costing the country “hundreds of billions of dollars.” Not only is this rhetoric wrong – since unauthorized crossings are actually in decline, according to data from our government – this language is damaging.

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