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Can a Christian support Planned Parenthood?

I increasingly see this attitude of dismissal take many forms, and even under the guise of Christianity. Don’t like someone’s political post? Unfollow. Don’t like what a person tweeted? Write a scathing 140 character figurative jab and then exit screen. Hear about a public figure committing a “moral error?” Keep your eyes glued to the television to hear of their immediate termination of employment, witness the remnants of their career and their narrative quickly disappear from record, and watch with baited breath as they suffer from the consequences of condemnation by the jury of public opinion.

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Ask a Buddhist: Can Buddhism Cure Anxiety?

In a word, yes. Anxiety and other mental health issues can be overcome through studying, practicing and integrating the various methods found in Buddhist teachings, such as meditation. But for people with anxiety disorders, not a temporary worry or fear, Buddhist teachings and meditation are better used as an adjunct to other therapies and treatments recommended by qualified professionals.

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Recognizing and celebrating Christmas Day

Whether you believe Christmas as a historical fact or recognize a great being was born with a beautiful story built to encapsulate his wonder and majesty is of no great concern. The fact that an idea, a being, that would encompass the Christ Consciousness was born and bring a new teaching to the western world is the important concept to embrace.

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