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Do we get our values and ethics from Hollywood?

And to be blunt, I find the call by Hollywood to protect women or anyone from sexual abuse and assault a bit late and a lot hypocritical. It’s a bit hard to swallow the “Time’s Up” from an industry that lauds and adulates the works of men like Woody Allen and Roman Polanski, wines and dines with men like Harvey Weinstein, and gives a lifetime achievement award to 101 year-old actor Kirk Douglas, who has long been rumored of having raped actress Natalie Wood when she was a teenager.

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The Golden Globes discover the missing half

But they do signal trends, popular and otherwise, and this year’s ceremony ran smack into quite a big one, the Me Too outrage over the generational toleration and enabling of the physical abuse and marginalization of women in all branches of the economy, and entertainment media most ostentatiously and hypocritically.

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Some unwelcome things do happen for a reason

The stretch of road on which we stopped the car was heavy with fog – it was a plausible setting for a horror film. But by a stroke of holy good luck, a small park was nearby and the year-round caretaker was waiting in her trailer. We knocked on her door and she invited us into the warmth of her home while we called the tow truck.

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