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Chase Youth Awards recognizes Freeman High

When the Personal Achievement for a teen group was announced nearly everyone in the audience held their breath knowing this group of kids was the clear decision, this group of kids dealt with something no one should ever have to and came back to change the culture in their school to prevent something like this from ever happening again. 

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The family ties that bind us

As you know, if you read this column, family was a complicated thing for me as a child. I envied my friends who had two parents and who had brothers and sisters. I would daydream about having their life.

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Judaism’s prohibition against hunting for sport

The commenter stated that hunting for sport is not allowed in Judaism because it violates the commandment of tza'ar ba'alei chayim, the prohibition against unnecessary cruelty to animals, about which I’ve written before. It turns out that the Chabad-Lubavitch movement, whose interpretation of Judaism isn’t generally progressive, does come down on what I’d consider the enlightened side of the animal rights issue.

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One White Man in an African-American World

In the beginning, that discomfort was awkward, but by the end of the conference, I had come to understand that unless and until I became uncomfortable with my white privilege, I would never change.  And change, I came to realize, was something I desperately needed.

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The Spiritual Crisis of College Admissions

When I finally finished my set of applications, I leaned back in my chair and exhaled—not in relief, but in a kind of despair. Because undergirding every accomplishment in the pages before me was a deep yearning – a longing – to be seen. To be heard. To be validated. To be told that yes, with your perfect SAT score, your billion clubs, and your internship for the president, you’re finally worth it.

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