Barbara Condron at an exhibit at the Parliament of World's Religions/Kimberly Burnham - SpokaneFAVS

Casting Stones of Peace at the Parliament of World’s Religions

By Kimberly Burnham 

Peace stones at the Parliament of World's Religions/Kimberly Burnham - SpokaneFaVS
Peace stones at the Parliament of World’s Religions/Kimberly Burnham – SpokaneFaVS

Can the energy of peace be carried in a stone pluck with intention from the soil surrounding your home?

Peace is a common topic at the 2015 Parliament of Religions. How do you achieve peace? What is peace? Who has peace? How do we join the conversation on peace? How do we get our peace message out? How do we create really peace in this world?

Among the many questions and answers there is one organization embedding a wall with stones and shells from around the world.

In 2009, Grandmother SilverStar, a Cherokee-Oglala Lakota-Cheyenne-Cree Elder gave the wall a special Cherokee blessing and a stone from Antarctica. She had been carrying the stone around in the ashtray of her car for two years, said Barbara Condron telling the story of one stone.

“Now I know what I have been saving it for,” commented Grandmother SilverStar when she heard about our Healing Wall,” said Condron, an educator and philosopher at the College of Metaphysics in Windyville, MO. The school has 450 stones collected since 2003. We broke ground on the Peace Dome and accompanying wall before 9/11, said Condron, noting that in 2003 people from every continent in the world attended the dedication of the Peace Dome.

Describing a shell for the Healing Wall, Condron said, “Dr. Daniel Condron and I were the first intuitive reporter and conductor team from the School of Metaphysics to travel and give reports outside the contiguous United States. Our week-long stay in Alaska was filled with new friends. In May, there are only about four hours when the sky darkens. Midnight is like evening twilight and dawn occurs around four am. It never gets completely dark. I found myself staying awake – conscious – most of the time we were there. It is easy to see how the Inuits and other Arctic peoples can use their external environment to promote inner awareness. We spent one day traveling into the interior and along the fingers that reach into the mainland. There we visited an artist’s colony nestled an alcove off Prince William’s Sound. It was there we found the shell, near the Arctic Circle.”

Another peace stone project involves participants at the 2015 Parliament of Religions. “We are inviting Parliament visitors to place a stone in a Stargate Field of Consciousness,” said Condron.

The sacred geometrically designed piece looks like stain glass and will be placed in a wrought iron railing around the Peace Dome. The shape includes the Flower of Life design and the Tree of Life Sefirot, Condron explained adding, “It will be placed facing East so that the rising sun will shine through it onto the dome.”

If you want to send a stone or shell for the Healing Wall do it with consciousness and a peaceful intention and send the story. Why is this stone special to you? How are you contributing to peace in the world?

Condron noted, “Earth has a kind of consciousness. Each place on the planet has a unique vibration, so by combining stones from around the world in one place, the Healing Wall will unify the thoughts and energies of humanity in peace.”

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