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Who can know God?

Who can know God?


A man came up to me and asked,
“Do you know the Lord?”

I chuckled and replied,
“Who can know God?”

“But you have given your life to God?” he exclaimed.
“Yes!” I replied.

“And you spend your days serving God?”

“And you spend hours in prayer?”

“Then, how can you explain this?”
“I am drinking from a bottomless well.”

Christi Ortiz

About Christi Ortiz

Christi Ortiz is a licensed marriage and family therapist by profession and a poet by passion.  She enjoys trying to put to words to that which is wordless and give voice to the dynamic and wild spiritual journey called life. She lives in Spokane with her husband and two children, Emmanuel and Grace. She loves the outdoors and meditating in the early mornings which gives rise to her poetry.

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