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Called to Compassion

By Christi Ortiz

We are all called to act in our own way
We need not travel to distant lands
to alleviate the suffering of the world

We are surrounded with opportunities
Perhaps less visible
But just as essential

There are some bit by the small carrier of Zika
Others feel the sting of the virus of classism
Each endangering the child to come

Some are ravaged by the outbreak of Ebola
Others are devastated by the silent killer of racism
Each ravages an entire people with its rampant destruction

Some die of hunger for lack of food
Others are crushed under the weight of anorexia,
having plenty of food but starving for acceptance, experiencing the same deadly end

Many experience the daily effects and terror of isms
but cannot claim refugee status or seek asylum
but suffer in silence often blamed for their affliction

Others are oppressed by addiction
Their medical illness only compounded by shame
And unequal access to adequate healthcare

We need not feel helpless to make a dent in the suffering of our world
Each day will present us with opportunities
If only we keep our eyes open

refusing to numb out
or look the other way
Love is only born when we allow our hearts to break open

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