‘BUBBA’ and other new names rejected by Southern Baptists

By Adelle M. Banks Religion News Service

As the Southern Baptist Convention recently weighed changing its name, denominational leaders were bombarded with suggestions. Hundreds of them. Most suggestions avoided the word “Southern” but one hinted at the denomination’s regional flavor: Baptist Ultimate Bible Believing Alliance, or BUBBA. In the end, leaders recommended the unofficial moniker “Great Commission Baptists.” Here’s a sampling of some of the more intriguing rejected names: — Association of Thriving Baptist Churches — Baptist Southern Convention — Christian Synergy Convention — Ends of the Earth Baptists — Eternal Baptist Convention — Friendly Family Church of America — Global Association of Immersing Christians — Global Association of Immersing Evangelicals — Jesus Christ is Lord Baptist Convention — League of Baptist Messengers

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Eric Blauer

I’m cringing.

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