Skillet performing live.

BRIEF: Rock and Worship Road Show scheduled to come to Spokane Arena in January


Skillet performing live.
Skillet performing live.

The Rock and Worship Road Show is coming to Spokane Arena at 6 p.m. on Jan. 11. Leading the night are Skillet, Third Day, Andy Mineo, Jamie Grace and Royal TailorSoulfire Revolution, We as Human, The Neverclaim and Vertical Church Band will also be playing.

All seats will be reserved, and there will be three ways concertgoers can obtain their tickets:

  • The traditional $10 at the door (picked up at venue box office)
  • In advance for $10 at the venue box office during regular hours
  • Online or by phone for $20

There are no additional services fees for the tickets as The Road Show is covering those costs this year to make the event affordable for families, according to a press release. Tickets are on sale now from Tickets West, and there are VIP packages available online for $50.

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