BRIEF: PJALS to protest against U.S. war in Iraq


pjals_iraqToday at 5 p.m. volunteers from the Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane will gather on the corner of Division and North River Drive to show their opposition to U.S. intervention in Iraq.
“President Obama himself has said there is no military solution. Now is the time for him to stand up to the pro-war extremists that want a repeat of a disastrous war,” PJALS Director Liz Moore said in a news release. “The unfolding tragedy in Iraq is a direct consequence of the illegal and lie-fueled American invasion and occupation of that country. Any US military intervention will increase the suffering of people in Iraq and escalate the conflict. Instead, now is the time for the US to take concrete actions to build peace.”
PJALS members will chant and wave banners and signs to protest the issue.


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