Origin Church on the South Hill will be the site of the SpokaneFāVs Interfaith Community Center/Tracy Simmons - SpokaneFāVS

BREAKING: SpokaneFāVS, gifted building; plans to open local Interfaith Community Center

Origin Church, located at 5115 S. Freya, will be closing and transferring ownership of its building and property to SpokaneFāVS in May of this year. 

The SpokaneFāVS.com board of directors has decided to turn the building into an Interfaith Community Center. 

“Over the years SpokaneFāVS has created a community, and in return we’ve been given a community center,” said Tracy Simmons, executive director of SpokaneFāVS.

She said the space will be used for retreats, classes, weddings, worships services, Coffee Talks and other events. 

The Rev. Scott Kinder-Pyle, pastor of Origin Church, said that the congregation decided to give the 3-acre property to SpokaneFāVS because of the interfaith dialogue the website has established between Christians and non-Christians in the community and wanted to provide a comfortable place for them to continue inviting people of Jewish, Christian, Atheist, Agnostic, Humanist, Hindu, Muslim and other faith traditions to dialogue.

Over the next few months, the congregation will finalize closing and lawyers will work on contracts for both parties. Origin Church also donated money for operational costs to help the Interfaith Community Center get started.

Stay tuned to SpokaneFaVS.com for more information. To donate to this project click the button below.


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