Wikipedia photo of duck hunters by USFWS/Ryan Hagarty

Bambi Killers, Conservationists, or Both?

An upcoming presentation organized by Humanists of the Palouse will examine the ethical and moral issues related to hunting.

According to an announcement, the goal of the event is to dispel common myths about hunting and invite discussion about why people continue to hunt in a society where it is not necessary for sustenance.

“We will examine the North American Model of Wildlife Management and why hunters and anglers are such an intrinsic part of what the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies calls the, ‘the world’s most successful system of policies and laws to restore and safeguard fish and wildlife and their habitats through sound science and active management.'” the announcement reads.

The presentation will be at 1912 Center, 412 East Third St in Moscow, Idaho at 3 p.m.

Readers do you think it’s OK to hunt? Why or why not?

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I think hunting is wrong. I try to see the other side of it, but I just can’t.


Hi Lu, I understand your feelings. The other side of it is disease and starvation which wipes out entire herds and species. Neither aspect is pleasant but it is reality.
Plus there are still many families that do rely on hunting to supplement their food from both an economic standpoint and a healthier diet. (Less unhealthy fats and fewer chemicals)

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