Baha’i 101

The Baha'i faith is the newest global religion,and, as such, is virtually unknown to many people.

I am hoping to give an overview of the basic principles and information regarding this faith which has become the central purpose of my life.

To treat the topic fairly, this is an endeavor which can't be done briefly. The body of knowledge related to this most recent Revelation is rich and broad and complex. Aspects include history, culture, poetry, faith, philosophy and the present day Administrative Order.

As time goes by, I hope to communicate the beauty, power and joy that is the Baha'i faith.

I hardly know where to start, so I will start with the beginning.

The Principles of the Baha'i faith:

1. The oneness of humanity

2. The common origin and unity of purpose of all world religions

3. The harmony of science and religion

4. The equality of men and women

5. The elimination of all forms of prejudice

6. A spiritual solution to economic problems

7. World peace and unity

8. Independent investigation of truth

9. A universal auxiliary language

10. Universal compulsory education.

You may be saying “Hey, I believe in these ideas already!” and you would not be alone.

Many Bahai's have felt,upon introduction, that they are already Baha'i 's and discovery of the Faith simply gave them their name. If you suspect that you might be one of these people, I invite you to visit our international website. In addition to a treasury of information about the Baha'i faith, you will find stunning photos of our Houses of Worship and our magnificent World Center in Haifa, Israel.

The World Center has been recognized as on of the Wonders of the World.

For information on local Baha'i happenings visit the Spokane Baha'i website.

Michele Joseph writes about the Baha'i faith for ToledoFAVS.com.

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