Vincent Lachina

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Rev. Vincent Lachina has served as Planned Parenthood Regional Chaplain for the last 13 years, providing support to patients and community members in Washington, Alaska, Idaho and Hawaii. Additionally, Lachina works to create an active network of progressive congregations in the Northwest who support reproductive justice for women. He is an adjunct member of Planned Parenthood's Clergy Advocacy Board, which provides guidance and advocacy on reproductive health and justice issues nationwide, and has served on the Board of Directors of the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project.

What Hurts One, Hurts Us All

Though my own personal beliefs about how to live not only as a Christian, but also as an ordained minister have often been at odds with Pastor Mark Driscoll, I find that I now vacillate between a deep sense of sadness and sincere embarrassment.

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Looking for the truth

One day the devil and one of his little minions were sitting on a cloud looking down at some humans below when they saw a man walking down a road who stopped, picked up something off the road, put it in his pocket and kept walking. “What did he find?” asked the minion. “A piece of truth,” chuckled the devil.

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Why I Am Prochoice: A Journey of Faith

How does a person who grew up in the Deep South, who as a teenager joined one of the most conservative denominations in the U.S., who was educated in a religious college and seminary, who was ordained in that conservative denomination decades ago, and who has served in ministry for 50 years find himself to be not only prochoice, but a feminist?

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