Steven A Smith

Steven A. Smith is clinical associate professor emeritus in the School of Journalism and Mass Media at the University of Idaho having retired from full time teaching at the end of May 2020. Smith is former editor of The Spokesman-Review in Spokane, Washington. As editor, Smith supervised all news and editorial operations on all platforms with a staff ranging from more than 140 in 2002 to 104 at the time of his resignation in October 2008. Prior to joining The Spokesman-Review, Smith was editor for two years at The Statesman Journal, a Gannett newspaper in Salem, Oregon, and was for five years editor and vice president of The Gazette, a Freedom Communications newspaper in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is a graduate of the Northwestern University Newspaper Management Center Advanced Executive Program and a mid-career development program at Duke University. He holds an MA in communication from The Ohio State University where he was a Kiplinger Fellow, and a BS in journalism from the University of Oregon. Smith serves on the SpokaneFāVS Board.

Staying with Facebook

I have significant concerns about Facebook as do millions of others. Those concerns received a troubling airing last week when a former Facebook data analyst, Frances Haugen, testified before Congress, her testimony based on thousands of documents she took with her after leaving the platform.

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The View from the Porch – Fall Edition

According to The Seattle Times, “as of last week, (the state Department of Health) had counted about 57,800 cases among kids 11 and younger, and about 68,300 cases among those 12 to 19. Of those, about 870 have been hospitalized. Thirteen have died.”

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Pro-choice is pro-life

In the years following Roe v. Wade millions of American women have been able to receive available – and legal – abortion services without risking their lives, although the number of abortions performed annually and the percentage of women receiving abortions has dropped steadily since 1973 and is now at the lowest level since.

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