Sophia Maggio

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Sophia Maggio is a senior at Gonzaga University studying Art and Psychology Research. She is interested in the intersection of visual arts and psychology, and plans to continue studying social psychology and/or art in graduate school. She is excited for this opportunity to engage more intentionally with the various faith communities of Spokane, and hopes to gain a better understanding of her own faith and beliefs – although she says this is an ongoing journey. Sophia loves hiking with friends in and around Spokane, thrifting for quirky clothing items, and drawing and painting while listening to podcasts: most likely the Moth, Criminal, This American Life, or Stuff You Should Know.

Faith in the Vortex

On this day, I imagine that we’ll each enter into our respective vortexes, no longer reliant on microwaves or the affirmation of peers; suddenly, we’ll become “real” adults, strutting around the world with an air of certainty and competence.

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