R. Skyler Oberst

R. Skyler Oberst is an interfaith advocate in Spokane and in 2016 won Young Democrat of the Year.

Turn off auto-pilot, attend this lecture and ask the tough questions

The presenter, a traveling lecturer who has been self-publishing books through Sealing Time Ministries on the topic Biblical references to the rise of Islam in the book of revelations — problems with anachronism and those things called facts aside, it is astounding to me that anyone would take-on reading into the future to look for evidence of boogeymen in sister religions.

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“…while there have been many churches in the community who are beacons of hope for the impoverished, there seems to be no movement in unified action from ALL faith communities.” – R. Skyler Oberst Interfaith work has a history in Spokane, must continue 

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Interfaith work has a history in Spokane, must continue

Several months ago I found myself in Mayor David Condon’s office talking about Spokane’s faith community. This was a week after his “Faith Summit” held at Whitworth University, where the mayor sought to reach out to the faith communities and explore ways of combatting homelessness and lack of resources for impoverished inhabitants of Spokane.

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“…allowing ourselves to become disoriented by wealth, money and its material incentives actually detracts from leading a fulfilled life simply because it turns us away from one another and, by extension, from God.” – R. Skyler Oberst What Paul Crouch has to do with Black Friday and Pope Francis 

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