R. Skyler Oberst

R. Skyler Oberst is an interfaith advocate in Spokane and in 2016 won Young Democrat of the Year.

Acceptance of Minority Groups in Spokane

Further still, there is even a distrust—even blatant intimidation of minority populations in Spokane. While these incidents may all be disconnected, I can’t help but think that we all need to have a serious talk in Spokane about our town. We can all admit that this isn’t who we are. How do we break this cycle of insulation from the other, and embrace pluralism?

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Spokane Interfaith Council launches GoFundMe Campaign to help Knox Presbyterian after robbery

After hearing about the tragedy at the Knox Presbyterian church, the Spokane Interfaith Council has started a GoFundMe to help their congregation get back on its feet. We believe that all houses of worship are sacred, and that the congregation of Knox Presbyterian should continue its work in revitalizing its neighborhood. If one member of our community is attacked, we all are attacked.

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