Sarah Conover

Sarah Conover is a writer and teacher who, despite a fierce wanderlust, calls Spokane home. She has an MFA in poetry, and is the author of seven books on world wisdom traditions and spirituality. She and husband Doug Robnett are parents of two remarkable children long-ago nicknamed: “Swaminathan and the Material Girl.” Conover, getting old now, has enjoyed multiple careers. The best one yet is the latest: teaching creative writing, a course called “Making it Matter," to the eldering through Spokane Community College ACT 2 program. She hosted the Ask a BuddhistFāVS column for several years.

Ask a Buddhist: Kids and narcissism

What I’d like us to consider in this essay are two themes 1) according to the Dharma, we can only liberate ourselves, we can’t transform another person (and if we take a moment to consider the intractability of our own unskillful sankharas—habit formations—it becomes clear that our very best efforts to change ourselves yields slow results); 2) it’s possible that we aren’t raising anyone, but that we are simply in relationship.

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A religion can be a system of faith and collection of beliefs; a religion can also be a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance. In my view, it’s the latter two definitions working in tandem that create a religious praxis.” – Sarah Conover “Ask A Buddhist: Is …

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