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Robin Pickering
Robin Pickering is currently the director of Women and Gender Studies and an associate professor of Health Sciences at Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington. Her research interests include women’s health issues, exercise self-efficacy, and the impact of social media on health risk behaviors. She currently serves as a member of the Women and Gender Studies Committee at Whitworth University and the advisory board for the Eastern Washington University Alumni magazine, as well as a contributor for several local media publications. She has served as the Vice Chair of the Board for the Spokane AIDS Network, Program Director of Community Health at Eastern Washington University (EWU), and steering committee member for the Masters in Public Health degree for EWU. Robin received her PhD in Education with an emphasis on Health, Psychology, and Adult Education, a master’s degree in Exercise Science and Pedagogy, and a bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion and Wellness. She has also served on the board for Early Head Start, The Spokane Birth Outcome Task Force, and on various other committees committed to promoting community health. Robin is a certified Wellness Coach and currently serves as a Personal Development Consultant specializing in Sexual Assault Prevention for the Spokane Chiefs (a local hockey team) and has instructed yoga in the community for 16 years.

Can a Christian support Planned Parenthood?

I increasingly see this attitude of dismissal take many forms, and even under the guise of Christianity. Don’t like someone’s political post? Unfollow. Don’t like what a person tweeted? Write a scathing 140 character figurative jab and then exit screen. Hear about a public figure committing a “moral error?” Keep your eyes glued to the television to hear of their immediate termination of employment, witness the remnants of their career and their narrative quickly disappear from record, and watch with baited breath as they suffer from the consequences of condemnation by the jury of public opinion.

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