Becky Tallent

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An award-winning journalist and public relation professional, Rebecca "Becky" Tallent was a journalism faculty member at the University of Idaho for 13 years before her retirement in 2019. Tallent earned her B.A. and M.Ed. degrees in journalism from the University of Central Oklahoma and her Educational Doctorate in Mass Communications from Oklahoma State University. She is of Cherokee descent and is a member of both the Native American Journalists Association and the Society of Professional Journalists. She and her husband, Roger Saunders, live in Moscow, Idaho, with their two cats.

Doctrine of Discovery Rejected

After 571 years, on March 30 the Vatican finally rejected its “Doctrine of Discovery.” The doctrine sanctioned the conquest, colonization and exploitation of non-Christian people and territories.

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Journalists: Don’t Be Like Fox News

Throughout my career, objectivity was stressed as a hallmark of quality reporting. But here’s the rub: as human beings, being objective — completely neutral — is almost impossible. Did we strive for it? Of course. Were we always successful? For the most part.

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Teaching All History Is Important

black history

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is discouraging teaching Black history in state high school classrooms. Why? DeSantis said it “pushes a political agenda,” which lacks educational standards. He is also proposing banning state universities from teaching diversity and inclusion theories.

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