Prabu David

Prabu David, Ph.D., has a strong interest in religion research.

Jesus Satire, Stephen Colbert and free speech

Around the same time the YouTube trailer sparked violence in parts of the Muslim world, Harvard Professor Karen King disclosed an ancient papyrus in which Jesus supposedly said “My wife …”

Christians believe Jesus was never married and the insinuation that it might be otherwise could have seemed sacrilegious to a vast number of Christians.

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Faith, reason and science can coexist.

According to findings from the Pew Religious Landscape Survey, 48 percent of those surveyed believe evolution is the “best explanation for origins of life on earth.”Given the near 50-50 split, it is not a surprise that evolution is a hot-button issue. A closer look at the Pew data suggests approximately …

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Physical, spiritual healing go hand in hand

By Contributor Dr. Prabu David Healing at the pool (John 5: 1-14) Jesus’ second miracle is in stark contrast to his first one. While the previous healing was sought by a royal official, Jesus took aim at the dregs of society in this miracle (I wrote about the first healing …

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Are miraculous healings a thing of the past?

Jesus chose Cana in Galilee as the site of his first healing. Incidentally, Cana is the site where Jesus turned water into wine, which is his first miracle even before the launch of his ministry. But this time, before he arrived in Cana, some Galileans who had traveled to Jerusalem …

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Naaman’s Legacy

The healing of Naaman by the prophet Elisha, found in the Old Testament, serves as a precursor to the many miracles of reported in the New Testament. Naaman was a captain in the army of the king of Aram, a valiant warrior who had earned the respect of the king. …

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