Pete Haug

Armed with an AB in English literature, Pete Haug plunged into journalism fresh out of college. That career lasted five years while he reported for a metropolitan daily, edited a rural weekly, and worked in industrial and academic public relations. He abandoned all for graduate school, finishing with an MS in wildlife biology and a PhD in systems ecology. Pete taught college briefly, then for a couple of decades he analyzed environmental impacts for federal, state, Native American, and private agencies. His last hurrah was an 11-year gig teaching English in China. After he retired in 2007, curiosity led Pete to explore climate change and fake news and to give talks about both. About five years ago he returned to journalism to write columns under the watchful eye of his draconian live-in editor and wife Jolie. They’ve both been Baha’is since the 1960s. Pete’s columns on the Baha’i Faith represent his own understanding and not any official position.

Yet Again, Iran Persecutes Its Baha’i Minority

The latest example of Iran’s ongoing Baha’i  persecutions was described in yesterday’s New York Times as “a sweeping crackdown on its Baha’i community, a long-persecuted religious minority.” According to residents, rights groups, and the government itself, “dozens of people” have been arrested, and Baha’i properties have been destroyed.

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My Spiritual Odyssey

Homer’s "Odyssey", swashbuckling though it is, is often regarded as a spiritual quest, a “return from darkness and death to light and life … a timeless metaphor.” Mine was not nearly so dramatic, but it did transform me. Wednesday marks the second anniversary of my first FāVS column, so I’d like to share highlights from my personal odyssey.

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A Unified View of Creation

Speakers explained “their spring holy days, how they celebrate them and how they relate to creation care” at a Hope for Creation Conference in Spokane’s Cathedral of St. John. Common themes included reflection, renewal, recentering, responsibility, new life, seasonal cycles, and a need to care for the Earth to ensure that those cycles continue.

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