Neal Schindler

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A native of Detroit, Neal Schindler has lived in the Pacific Northwest since 2002. He has held staff positions at Seattle Weekly and The Seattle Times and was a freelance writer for Jew-ish.com from 2007 to 2011. Schindler was raised in a Reconstructionist Jewish congregation and is now a member of Spokane's Reform congregation, Emanu-El. He is the director of Spokane Area Jewish Family Services. His interests include movies, Scrabble, and indie rock. He lives with his wife, son, and two cats in West Central Spokane.

The creative minds behind “Rabbi Sid, the Rappin’ Rabbi” speak out

For those of you just tuning in: In June of 2016, I wrote an affectionate ode to the phenomenon of rapping clergy. In that piece, I focused the majority of my attention on a music video titled “Rabbi Sid, The Rappin’ Rabbi.” Little did I know that the grandson of Jerry Glantz, who played Rabbi Sid, would contact me in November of the same year and offer to tell me all about his zaida (Yiddish for grandfather).

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Ask A Jew: Will Muhammad come after Moses and David?

It is possible to find sources from a Muslim perspective that claim the Torah makes reference to Muhammad. However, after an admittedly brief bit of online research, I found it difficult to locate a highly reputable source — e.g., an article by a recognized scholar published in a respected, peer-reviewed journal — asserting this idea.

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