Megan Cuilla

Megan Cuilla is a self-proclaimed seeker who regularly asks the questions, “Who am I?” and, “Where do I belong?” She is currently exploring the reconciliation of her feminist beliefs with what she considers a complicated relationship with her body.

Embodiment of self

I sat in front of a mirror last night. I stared at the folds in my skin without judgment, simply observing my body as if it were a work of art hanging in a museum. What does my stomach look like from this angle? What about my arms?

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The hardest goodbye

When a marriage ends, the pain is palpable. It feels as though someone has died. Every first feels like a last: The first time we slept apart. The first time it hit me that we’ll never have children together. The first time we talked on the phone without saying I love you.

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The healing process has been my biggest spiritual influence

The biggest influences on my spirituality have been the process of healing from my eating disorder and the people who have been my support during this experience.

I had to admit I couldn't deal with the eating disorder on my own, and ended up spending six months in a treatment center 300 miles from home.

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