Martin Elfert

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The Rev. Martin Elfert is an immigrant to the Christian faith. After the birth of his first child, he began to wonder about the ways in which God was at work in his life and in the world. In response to this wondering, he joined Christ Church Cathedral in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he and his new son were baptized at the Easter Vigil in 2005 and where the community encouraged him to seek ordination. Martin served on the staff of the Episcopal Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in Spokane, Wash. from 2011-2015. He is now the rector of Grace Memorial Episcopal Church in Portland, Oreg.

Painful lessons, memories from The Cosby Show

I guess I am remembering that barbershop and the new, painful way that I think of it today – Was I listening to the victims play their accordions as I got my haircut? Did my cherished memory take place within their nightmare? – because of Bill Cosby’s conviction for sexual assault last week.

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Is He Safe?

We have tried really hard to make the prophets safe. Indeed, in many ways the story of the almost 50 years since Dr. King’s murder has been the story of our efforts to domesticate him, to make him into an avuncular and harmless figure, to reduce him to someone who entreats us all to just get alon

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Some unwelcome things do happen for a reason

The stretch of road on which we stopped the car was heavy with fog – it was a plausible setting for a horror film. But by a stroke of holy good luck, a small park was nearby and the year-round caretaker was waiting in her trailer. We knocked on her door and she invited us into the warmth of her home while we called the tow truck.

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