Mackenzie Draper

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A self-described "Ex-vangelical," Mackenzie Draper loves to expand her spiritual and theological horizons on her travels, particularly to the bookstore. She grew up a pastor's kid and missionary kid living in Bosnia and Serbia as child and then moved back to Spokane her freshman year of high school. In the interest of saving time, she decided to have a crisis of sexuality, as well as a crisis of faith, around the time she graduated from Spokane Falls Community College and began attending Gonzaga University. Draper has now come out as a lesbian and has the most amazing partner and life she could imagine. While she still wrestles with faith and the ramifications conservative Evangelical theology has on her relationship to family, she is a passionate, lifelong learner and is devoted to living well and doing good in her world. You can find her in various thrift stores around town scouring the bookshelves or huddled over a crochet project trying to count stitches.

Changing Attitudes of Marijuana: What One Ex-Vangelical Found Out


I’ve often wondered about the conservative pushback against marijuana since I first tried it. In 2012, Washington and Colorado became the first states to legalize recreational marijuana. At the time I was in high school and had no strong opinion about it. Every year it seems more and more attitudes are changing in favor of legal marijuana, including mine.

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Are American Evangelical Missionaries Spreading ‘the Gospel’ or Colonization?

evangelical colonization

With the United Kingdom’s heightened assault on transgender rights, more people than ever are looking at so-called “first world” countries’ stances on human rights. It isn’t just the richest nations, though — Iran’s revolution has also sparked many TikTok videos, blog posts and real-life conversations, though many have pointed out there are fewer news articles than there perhaps should be.

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The spark that began my Christian deconstruction


I was recently asked what sparked my deconstructing journey. For many Christians who are happy with the way they believe, the seemingly new trend to deconstruct faith is perturbing. Where does it come from? Why can’t people be content with the way they were raised, or with the messages coming from pulpits across the country week after week? 

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