Loren Negron

Loren Negron is a senior at Washington State University pursuing a dual degree in journalism and sociology with a minor in psychology. She works as a multimedia storyteller and copywriter for nonprofits, using captivating and engaging storytelling to share God's love and highlight nonprofits' mission and impact. In her free time, she naps, listens to music, plays the drums, writes poetry, hikes and chases waterfalls. One of her favorite quotes and inspirations comes from Mother Teresa: "I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world."

Colville Missionaries Built Native Ministry on Faith, Relationship Building and Storytelling

Native american ministry

“Are you willing to kind of jump off a cliff and say yes to God?” Norman asked his wife, Diane, as they sat in their driveway with their three children. Everyone prayed and said they obeyed the call to the mission field. Norman’s friend served in Native American ministry and encouraged the Norman’s to live on a reservation during the summer of 1984, followed by a months-long, cross-cultural training with North America Indigenous Ministries.

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God Provides When He Guides

A few months ago, I saw a post on Instagram that read: God provides when He guides. I was really drawn to that post and wrote it down on my list of Truths to Remember that I have on my bedroom wall. It’s a message that I’ve been reflecting on since the day I found it.

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Why He Rides: Spokane’s Cycling Pastor

For a Spokane pastor and professor, cycling more than 400 miles across the state was more than just a test of endurance: it became a ministry endeavor to invite people in a bucket list adventure while raising awareness and money for refugee resettlement.

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