Liv Larson Andrews

Liv Larson Andrews believes in the sensus lusus, or playful spirit. Liturgy, worship and faithful practice are at their best when accompanied with a wink, she says.

Enough already: When the mainstream media shames mothers

As though the American public was not already terribly polarized and reactive around subjects pertaining to women’s bodies, TIME magazine jumped in this week with a controversial cover: an image of a trim, blonde, good-looking mother nursing a toddler son, accompanied by the caption, “Are you mom enough?”

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Fascinated by Fire

Many startling self-revelations can occur through the process of entering seminary. The battery of psychological exams, including the 600-question, entirely true-false formatted exam called the Minnesota Multi-phasic Personality Inventory, or MMPI, proved especially enlightening for me. The MMPI is designed to flag those candidates with severe pathologies. In short, it’s …

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It’s not gay couples marriage needs protection from

As a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, I rejoice in the opportunity now offered by the state of Washington to marry same-sex couples. Not all my siblings in faith agree with me. Invitations crowd my mailbox to pray and act to protect marriage. From what, I wonder? …

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On death and diapers

On Monday night a handful of organizers, five panelists and 40-some interested individuals gathered at Liberty Park United Methodist Church to discuss abolishing the death penalty. Shar Lichty of the Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane arranged the event, involving Sarah Schmidt of Amnesty International. I participated as a …

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