Lace Williams-Tinajero

Dr. Lace Williams-Tinajero, author of “The Reshaped Mind: Searle, the Biblical Writers, and Christ’s Blood,” (Brill, 2011) writes about the connection between language and the diverse ways people think of, speak of, believe in and ultimately worship God.

How one local young woman beat the odds

Once in awhile you hear about foster children in the news. When the story is horrific, it begs the question whether God’s eye is still on the sparrow. But many stories involving foster children never hit the airwaves, like the one I am about to share.

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Shake the dust off your feet and enter into life’s woes

Syria’s actions and how the world should respond to them continue to dominate the headlines. In the wake of Syria and all pockets of violence, oppression and conflict throughout our globe — even within my small neighborhood of nine houses where fights escalate over property lines, barking dogs, pooping dogs, divorce and kids — the old saying “shake the dust off your feet” comes to mind.

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When prayer turns pointless, then what?

He looks different but he laughs, eats and plays just like any other kid. You see, my son is deformed from a tumor wrapped behind the left eye and bone abnormalities in his skull. Imagine a kite unable to fly because it's weighed down.

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