Kyle Franklin

Kyle A. Franklin is a recent graduate of Gonzaga University, where he earned his Master's in Religious Studies. He completed his bachelor's degree in history and religion at Pacific Lutheran University in 2007 and has worked in both the ELCA Lutheran Church and the United Methodist Church.

Why my family is happy I’m not a pastor

Several weeks ago, I went with some relatives to have dinner with the "matriarch" of one side of family. This was the first time I had seen her since I completed my graduate degree in December and, due to both the distance and age that separates us, it had also been many months since we had last talked.

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Living intentionally

A friend of mine recently asked me how I am able to keep calm and collected in the midst of major stress and uncertain times. On a recent occasion, she accidentally burned a hole in my carpet. Quite literally, my response was, "Okay.  And?" I recognized that what had occurred could not be undone. And, in all honesty, what would be the point of blowing up?

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When symbols define us

Symbols are interesting things. Whether we recognize it or not, symbols play a role in almost every aspect of our everyday lives. For example, if the government decided to remove the word “stop” from (what we recognize as) our stop signs, it is likely that we would still stop when we arrive at a red octagon on a post at an intersection.

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Sheep, goats, the pope, and the image of God

Several days ago, I read an article in which Pope Francis “declared that everyone was redeemed through Jesus, including atheists.” I clearly expected much backlash as his statements are bold (to say the least) and have the power to rock the foundations of both Roman Catholicism and enrage those who believe Jesus to be the sole way to God.

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Through your faith, be joyous with others

Were you to walk through my home, you would find that I have a lot of photographs hanging on the walls, in albums and even displayed as coffee table books from trips I have taken to far off places. These photos show both people I love and joyous times with them. Accomplishments and achievements and risks I’ve taken solely for the purpose of crossing things off my bucket list — they are all there.

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