John VanDerWalker

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John VanDerWalker II serves as a Mission Research, Assessment and Support Specialist with the Western USA Mission Field of the Community of Christ.

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“Every denomination that is struggling with the issues of GLBTQ equality must not shout at each other through the organs of the media…Thoughtful and intentional conversations and investment in each other is what is needed. “ – John VanDerWalker How we should respond to GLBTQ controversies within the church John …

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Faith representations in my office

My office is in my home and has tons of theology books on the shelves as well as books for exegetical work. On the walls are various things that represent faith, a communion plate gifted to me by a congregation in a previous assignment.

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I am not a gun nut

I am not a gun nut, I am an outdoorsman. I am a Democrat, I am a Christian, I am a believer in the rule of law and I cherish life, not only mine but of all. And I am disgusted.

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