Jeffrey Salkin

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Jeffrey Salkin is a columnist for the Religion News Service

How King Charles III Became a Royal Mensch

King Charles III

I admit it. I have a thing for the royals. Which means the following: There was a time (I am not kidding you) when I could have named all the kings and queens of England in order. And, yes, it also means I tuned in to the coronation of King Charles III.

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Call It Soros-Phobia

george soros

George Soros, the wealthy Hungarian-American financier and philanthropist, is the bogey man of the American right wing. They trace whatever they don’t like about liberalism or progressive politics back to Soros’ imaginary machinations. Soros is the puppet-master. George Soros is a Jew. These are antisemitic conspiracy theories.

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When Cancel Culture Invades a Family

This essay will begin with a sad story — about a family in turmoil. Their story mirrors what is happening in the larger society — the struggle over politics, culture and how to engage each other on those topics. I tell this story with the permission of the person involved. It is not pretty.

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