Janine Warrington

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Spokane native Janine Warrington received her Bachelor of Arts in religious studies from Gonzaga University in 2017 and their Master's in divinity from Candler School of Theology at Emory University in 2021. Areas of interest include the history of evangelical America, sexual ethics, LGBTQ+ advocacy, and Scripture studies. They now lives in Atlanta where they work in public theological education. Outside of academia, Janine enjoys cooking, yoga, Broadway musicals, and bothering their younger sister. Pronouns: She/Her/They.

There’s middle ground on gun control

The rhetoric surrounding guns in our country right now is impressively divisive. There is such a severe imaginary line between sides of the debate – either you support gun ownership or you don’t – that good, kind Christians sometimes automatically translate “demonstration against violence” to “demands to take away everyone’s right to own guns,” in their minds.

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We can’t forget the men in the #METOO movement

The most recent edition of Sojourners Magazine includes an anonymous letter to the editor that says, “But there is one voice that is not heard too often. It is that of sexual violence against men by male authority figures. I suspect there are many men out there who trusted a male authority figure and were assaulted. We are hurting.”

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Mueller’s Indictment and Our Role in Russian Interference

When I first saw the news, I felt a sense of vindication rising up in me. At last, the truth would be revealed, and justice would be served! Then I read the news articles and the full text of the indictment, and my stomach dropped. My sense of self-righteousness was replaced with a sense of embarrassment as I was convicted of my own contributions to the scandal.

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Change and Tolerance in the Church

As we were nearly out of time, my co-panelist the Rev. Scott Kinder-Pyle was just able to pose the question, “How do we tolerate those who are intolerant?” in response. Such complex and ever-relevant ideas and questions deserve a response, so rather than allowing the end of the Coffee Talk to be the end of the conversation, I will address them here.

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