Examining the Teachings of Jesus in the Gospels

Examining the Teachings of Jesus in the Gospels Sponsored Content Unsplash The Gospels are the four books of the Christian New Testament that tell the story of Jesus Christ. The teachings of Jesus found within these Gospels form the basis of Christianity, offering a timeless source of moral and spiritual …

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Adolescent and young adult health

The prospects for young adults' survival are drastically different in different parts of the world. Sub-Saharan Africa, Oceania, Northern Africa, and Southern Asia had the highest mortality rates among people aged 10-24 in 2020. Sub-Saharan Africa had a global average 10-year-old mortality rate that was six times greater than the United States and Europe.

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What Christmas Means to me as a Dog Mom

There are more than a million reasons why we love Christmas; it is the best time of the year. Starting from the tree, presents, Christmas carols, presents, festive decor, and how can I forget seeing dog Christmas puns to friends and relatives, which has recently been added to my favorite Christmas to-do list. But does your dog know it is Christmas time?

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Overcoming Fear Through Faith

Overcoming Fear Through Faith Sponsored Content https://unsplash.com/photos/ReEqHw2GyeI What Exactly Is Fear, and How Can It Render You Powerless Fear is an emotion that arises when a person believes they are in danger. It can cause physical sensations such as increased heart rate and sweating and more subtle reactions like feeling …

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