Ernesto Tinajero

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Art, says Ernesto Tinajero, comes from the border of what has come before and what is coming next. Tinajero uses his experience studying poetry and theology to write about the intersecting borders of art, poetry and religion.

Breaking the church

My sister wanted to conform to the popular crowd. She was already a member of the popular crowd, because of her beauty, but she wanted to purge the part of her life that didn’t fit the image, mostly her family and me.

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Lady Gaga supports the status quo

Beauty, the source of art for the classic aesthetics, has been replaced by an aesthetic of shock. Like a horror movie that uses a popping out hand to scare the audience, the art of shock surprises with outrage in the moment.

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When objects collide

If you want a lot of hits, write about pornography. Albert Mohler, the president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, has been posting on the subject.

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Come join the celebration

The great Catholic theologian Henri Nouwen thought birthdays the most important celebration because we celebrate a person for their simple presence among us. We are glad for them, and just for them.

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