Emily Geddes

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Emily H. Geddes was born to two physicists and grew up as a Navy brat. Born-and-raised as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, she holds a bachelor's degree in theatre from Brigham Young University, and earned an MBA from Eastern Washington University.

Preaching politics, an LDS perspective

LDS congregations are organized geographically, so unlike some other religions, there's not an opportunity to self-select which congregation, or ward, you attend.  With a very few exceptions, your address determines where you go to church.

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Immigration laws should keep families together

One of the most important evidences of our faith and morality is how we treat our fellow human beings, so I believe that any effort to resolve immigration issues must be approach first and foremost from that perspective. We are all God's children and need to treat each other accordingly.  Secondly, families are fundamental; immigration laws and enforcement should do everything possible to keep families together.

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