Deb Conklin

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Rev. Deb Conklin’s wheels are always turning. How can the church make the world a better place? How can it make Spokane better? Her passions are many, including social justice in the mainline tradition, emergence and the post-modern and missional church.

Will charisma trump values?

The left is jubilant that Mitt Romney has chosen Paul Ryan as his vice president running mate. The argument seems to be that Americans, by a significant majority, do not agree with the values that Ryan holds, particularly the values that are actually reflected in the “Ryan budget.”

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Should the American flag fly in worship space?

This week I’ve been in Canada and experienced their celebration of Canada Day. And as our own Independence Day approaches, I find myself reflecting on nationalism as well as the balance between a deep love of one’s country, and a rabid nationalism that confuses love of country with a religion that demonizes ‘the other.’

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Occupy Spokane, even on Thanksgiving

How did you spend your Thanksgiving? If you are like most Americans you spent it with family and/or friends, eating a special (turkey) dinner, watching football (or sitting around socializing while a football game played in the background). Maybe you even remembered to express thanks for the blessings of family, …

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Why Do I Support the Occupation?

Over the last month, I've been spending time with Occupy Spokane. I've marched, held signs, waved at friendly passers-by, and attended their General Assembly. For the last two weeks, I've helped facilitate the Assembly. Some folks have been asking why I'm spending my time this way, what does it have …

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