Dave Liezen

Dave Liezen (rhymes with season) might be the latest of late bloomers, earning a BA in English from Whitworth at the age of 52. Long before that Dave kept bumping into Jesus People, who challenged him to lay his life unequivocally into the management and guidance of the Lord Jesus. Dave did. He says Jesus continues to show himself fully capable of handling any situation and need, renovating Dave and leading him to marry happily and raise five fine people known to him as children. Shortly after finishing college, Dave began raising some of his own fruit in the backyard, where he also learned to graft apple and plum trees. They are good, or get replaced via grafting. He hopes to live long so he can taste the fruits of his labor. Dave sings in the Spokane Symphony Chorale and an a cappella madrigal group called Hubbardston Nonesuch.

My Sheep Hear My Voice

Hearing God's voice was both comfort and challenge, comforting to one so lonely, damaged and painfully aware of how stunted a person I was. Challenging in that what God said might not fit my own experience or expectation.

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Hearing God’s Voice

hearing god

Have you ever heard someone mention they hear God’s voice? In some cases I find it reassuring. In others, I look for an exit. What’s the difference? OK, you might question how I could be reassured when someone speaks simply of hearing God tell or ask them things. I, too, have found a quiet, compelling voice in my mind’s ear displaying greater courage, insight and wisdom than I can claim. Another voice at times would lead me to destructive conclusions or actions. Depending on which I attend to, the difference is stark.

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