Christopher Robertson

A Navy veteran and student of journalism, Chris Robertson is a student at Bellevue College majoring in journalism. Inspired by the spiritual and ethical works of Buddhism, the Stoics, and more recent philosophers and moral theorists, Robertson said he enjoys reading and writing about social psychology, politics and religion and their relationship to ethics in the modern world.

The relationship between Buddhism, mindfulness and science

The late evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould coined the phrase “non-overlapping magisteria” in 1997 to convey the idea that science and religion essentially have nothing to say about each other; that religion can’t contribute to or detract from science and vice versa. Recent collaboration between psychologists and Buddhist monks, however, seem to indicate that Gould may have been wrong, and that perhaps religion can have something to say about science.

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Retreat to focus on what happens at Mass

Overlooking the Moran Prairie is the Immaculate Heart Retreat Center, an enchanting facility that hosts a number of programs and retreats throughout the year. From March 1-3, Immaculate Heart will be hosting a retreat for men and women about Mass based on (and named after) the Rev. Jeremy Driscoll’s book “What Happens at Mass.” The retreat will detail the true nature and importance of Mass, both traditionally and theologically.

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